The practice of Meta-Kinetics enables direct communication with a person’s body-field, using advanced muscle-testing techniques, to identify unconscious causes, emotions and beliefs behind a problem, life issue or symptom. Information is brought up directly from the unconscious mind to shed light on issues and problems in a structured and focused way which avoids ambiguity.

This is a collaborative approach where I am guided by your body’s innate healing wisdom to uncover the blocks which are limiting your true potential and to identify how best to work with them for healing and growth.

The session starts with a period of enquiry and discussion, using muscle-testing techniques to deepen and validate the information that comes up. When the issue has been sufficiently explored and understood, the stress held in the body is gathered, using muscle loading techniques, so that it can be discharged using an appropriate correction. Taking the stress out of the body in this way can result in more space, resilience and vitality in your system. The increased awareness due to the previously unconscious information which is brought to light, can also pave the way for further healing and greater choice.

Meta-Kinetics is a synthesis of two powerful disciplines: Cyberkinetics and Meta-Health. It was developed by the directors of the Meta-Health Academy and by Alan Sales, the founder of Cyberkinetics (which is an advanced form of kinesiology). 

What to Expect from a Session

After some initial discussion about the issue you wish to explore, I will ask you to lie on a therapy table and I will use advanced muscle-testing techniques to explore the unconscious causes behind this issue with you, guided by a variety of protocols that I use to give structure to the questioning process.

The muscle-testing involves you raising one arm to approximately ninety degrees while I apply approximately 2lbs of pressure to the outside of your wrist which you match with your own pressure for about two seconds. This sets up a ‘biting point’ in a similar way to the clutch and accelerator on a car, and allows the muscle to then respond to questioning during the ‘test’ phase. Muscle-testing can also be carried out while in a sitting position, so please let me know if you would prefer to work in this way.  

When we have sufficiently identified the beliefs, emotions and causes behind the issue, I will then be directed by the muscle-testing process to identify the optimum way to ‘load’ (gather up the stress of the issue) using the muscles of your arms, legs or eyes. This is a little like defragmenting a hard disk drive on a computer, in that the stress is brought up and smoothed out so that it can be discharged, resulting in more space, resilience and vitality in your system.

Finally, in the ‘correct’ stage, I will use muscle-testing to identify one or more optimum corrections for the issue. The choice of corrections is wide-ranging and includes vibrational healing (such as flower essences), sound healing, crystal healing, EFT tapping points and other tools and techniques that I have incorporated from my psychotherapy practice. The muscle-testing allows your body to specify exactly what corrections it needs and in what way to apply the correction, which can maximize the healing potential. 

As a result of the session, I aim for you to have a clearer understanding about the unconscious causes which have been driving the problem, life issue or symptom, and to have released the stress caused by it. For some issues, the conscious awareness and healing from the session can be enough for the issue to heal, but for deep-rooted and chronic issues further sessions and therapies are required, such as to change deep-seated belief patterns. In these cases, the session may bring up a layer of the issue to be healed and cleared, allowing deeper layers to surface for further work. Sometimes the information identified comes from belief systems taken on from your family and sometimes from ancestral or past life traumas. I always trust that the information that surfaces will be what is most important and relevant for a client to know at that particular time. 

At the end of the session, I can use muscle-testing to enquire if homework or other therapies will be beneficial to you. You may experience healing symptoms, such as fatigue, after the session, which usually clear up after 48 hours, so I recommend that you drink plenty of water and rest if you feel tired, to enable your body to complete the healing process initiated in the session. Alternatively you may find that, due to the discharge of stress in the session, you feel lighter and with more energy after the session.

Session Frequency & Fees

Please allow up to 3 hours for the session and ideally some quiet time afterwards to process and integrate the work that we have done. My fee is £200 per session (up to 3 hours), which includes an email of the session notes and key points.

It can sometimes be helpful to have a shorter 'follow-up' session in between Meta-Kinetics sessions, to take stock or to bring in an alternative therapy, such as EFT or Matrix Reimprinting, to focus on a particular aspect that has come up in a Meta-Kinetics session. 

Please note that I respectfully ask that you give me at least 24 hours' notice if you need to cancel a session as I usually charge for late cancellations. 

I offer three different models for session frequency, to suit clients' different needs and budget.

Single session - this can be helpful as a 'taster' of what this work offers or as part of an alternative therapy or healing programme you may already have in place, by identifying and taking the stress out of unconscious beliefs for a particular issue, which can then be further worked with in your own therapy.

Fixed programme - a fixed number of sessions, structured to thoroughly explore a particular issue or issues, including how to take them forward after the sessions are complete, all informed by your inner wisdom via muscle-testing. 

Regular, flexible programme - meeting on a regular basis to explore issues in a flexible way with an open-ended timeframe, until such a time as it feels 'complete' to you. Meeting on a monthly or fortnightly basis gives a rhythm to the work which can deepen the process.

Background Information and Resources

I have qualified as a Advanced Meta-Kinetics Practitioner and Meta-Health Master Practitioner through the Meta-Health Academy in Solihull, UK. Further information about Meta-Kinetics can be found on their website. 

These courses are externally accredited by Meta-Health International (MHI). Please note that this is not a medical training, but is a discipline of health awareness and understanding which works alongside orthodox medicine and which complements my skills and training as a psychotherapist. 

I am a member of MHI and abide by their code of conduct. You can view my profile on the MHI website by clicking on the logo.


I am very grateful for permission to share the following case examples, to illustrate what Meta-Health & Meta-Kinetics can offer:

Case Example 1: Life Issue - Self-empowerment and potential

Feeling blocked in realising her true potential, the Meta-Kinetics sessions uncovered several limiting beliefs and a related pattern in her life of over-valuing certain others and under-valuing herself. The muscle-testing also identified a past life in which she had felt unable to 'get it right' due to circumstances, which was identified as the root cause of the limiting beliefs around her sense of personal power and potential. Meta-Kinetics sometimes identifies a past life as the original cause of an issue, particularly once the surface layers of a pattern have been identified and healed. Whether a client views this as an actual past life or more as a symbolic representation from their unconscious (similar to working with dreams) does not matter, the key is to process the emotions and bring the limiting beliefs into consciousness, so that they can be healed and changed. These patterns were uncovered and processed over the course of three sessions of Meta-Kinetics. The chosen corrections included vibrational healing, in the form of flower essences, which act energetically to gently process emotions and clear blocks, in this case to strengthen her connection with her intuition and to clear the indecisiveness resulting from the limiting belief about not being able to get it right.

"What drew me to this treatment and help was the approach of Meta-Kinetics. In my life I have said to many people, and myself, that 'I am the way I am'. However these sessions revealed some underlying beliefs that were truly holding me back; through not just talking but using my body's wisdom to show my true self. I can honestly say that these sessions have been so refreshing and have enabled me to achieve even more happiness than I thought was possible. I’m no longer hard on myself. Jo has made this possible, she has helped me to clear the issues and beliefs that have truly held me back in the past (and past lives). Jo’s approach is comfortable and relaxed, she had an amazing ability to identify the root causes of my troubles. Thank you Jo for your caring approach and experience of Meta-Kinetics - I am now enjoying a healthier and enriched life." 

~ F.P. from St Albans

Case Example 2: Family Pattern (Emotional Dysregulation & Fear of Feelings)

Several sessions of Meta-Kinetics and Meta-Health therapies were used to uncover, explore and bring healing to a deep-rooted family pattern of avoidance of feeling, linked to themes of deep loss going back several generations. The Meta-Kinetics sessions brought up relevant information to help to understand where the pattern came from and how it was manifesting in her life, such as the over-reliance on thinking and finding practical solutions to problems in an attempt to avoid being with feelings in her body. The muscle loading aspect of Meta-Kinetics enabled much of the stress (and fear energy) to be processed while corrections included healing tuning forks, crystal healing, flower essences and sensorimotor psychotherapy tools to gently develop ways to regulate emotions and to process stuck feelings from the past.

“I have had many Meta-Kinetic and Meta-Health sessions with Jo, where she reassuringly held a safe space for me to uncover and explore deep and painful issues that were causing me much distress. This gentle but deep work revealed memories and core beliefs which helped make sense of family patterns that had played out in my life.  

As a result of this work, I was able to process and release a lot of stored stress and trauma in my body which had for me resulted in a lot of muscle tension/pain and chronic ill-health issues. I am now able to regulate my emotions and my health condition has improved considerably, as have my family relationships.  

I would highly recommend working with Jo, who brings a wealth of wisdom and many effective therapeutic modalities to her friendly and professional practice to bring about a true sense of well-being, which is what it did for me.”

~ S.M. from Essex